EV Charging for Schools
EV Charging for Schools
EV Charging for Schools

The only dedicated UK school focussed electric vehicle charging business providing EV chargers for schools


EV Charging for Schools


Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by bringing expertise, a consultative approach and quality solutions to educational settings.

EV Charging for Schools


Focused on installing electric vehicle charging solutions in educational institutions

EV Charging for Schools


Industry experts and partnered with specialist delivery partners

Our Approach?

  • Sector: Know schools and how they operate through 30 years of experience
  • Expertise: Deep understanding of all aspects of electric vehicle charging solutions
  • Approach: Our consultative business approach is founded on continuous educational engagement, ensuring that every interaction is an opportunity to inform and enlighten our prospects and customers
EV Charging for Schools

Grant Aware

We keep a close eye on the latest grants available, work through their processes and how to apply for them to support our customers decision making and growth of EV charging infrastructure.

Why are schools working with us?


Fit to school sustainability and development plans

Carbon Neutral

Supplying the only carbon neutral charge points in the U.K.

Industry Standards

Only supply solutions which are work on Open Charge Point Protocol.

Cloud Platform

Dynamic management and charging platform for one or many schools across a Multi-Academy Trust

Flexible Charging Solutions

Accommodate school staff, parents, students, visitor and public vehicles


Tailored solutions to fit school budgets and sustainability plans

Staff Retention and Recruitment

Enhance school attractiveness as an employer.

Community Engagement

Demonstrate commitment to sustainability

Financial Flexibility

Innovative financing and income generation models without long-term legal constraints

Free Consultation

We provide a free online consultation to help
prospects understand all of the considerations that they will need to work through for their EV charging infrastructure project development.

Main Considerations with EV Chargers for Schools

Power Supply

  • Ahead of any plans knowing that your school(s) has enough power supply is of paramount importance.
  • We have a unique feature to load balance the charging across our EV points to help manage this situation until an increase in power supply can be achieved.

Market Conditions/Drivers

  • ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and drive train production facilities are being decommissioned.
  • Car manufacturers will get hard financial penalties if they sell engine based vehicle above the levels set by Government targets.
  • School Leaders are considering sustainability plans and taking action by changing their own vehicles to EVs.
  • EV take up is accelerating faster than anticipated as public opinion and in schools pupil voice drives it; doubling each year.

Staff Retention and Recruitment

  • In nearly all the schools that we have visited this is a significant driver given the pressures on teacher recruitment.
  • Many schools are considering salary sacrifice schemes to help staff procure electric vehicles which can lead to significant staff savings and affording more aspirational cars than through normal procurement. Adding much value beyond the salary and helping the school to show itself as a good employer with benefits.

OLEV Approved Installer

Partnered with OLEV approved installers.

EV Charging for Schools

Aftercare with EV Chargers for Schools

EV Charging for Schools

Staff Support

We support your staff throughout your implementation and development of your EV charging infrastructure.

EV Charging for Schools


Our EV charge points and cloud based management platform provide data on usage and carbon reducation for your records.

EV Charging for Schools


We provide all the statutory annual inspections and certification.


  • We can advise on revenue generation that may be possible from your EV charging infrastructure.
  • We work within your budgets to strategically plan your EV charging infrastructure development.
  • We can provide education approved leasing aligned with any grant funding that may be available at any time
EV Chargers for Schools

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